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Supporting child advocacy since 1998


Friends of Iowa CASA and ICFCRB is a member of the National CASA/GAL Association for Children. Since 1998, we have proudly served as the non-profit partner for the Iowa Child Advocacy Board (ICAB), which administers Iowa's CASA (court-appointed special advocate) and FCRB (foster care review board) programs. Our board of directors come from all over Iowa to provide a voice for the needs of at-risk children in their communities and work collaboratively to promote and support child advocacy throughout the state.

We amplify children's voices by:

* Fundraising to sustain ICAB programming;

* Securing additional resources for ICAB programming;

* Raising public awareness about the CASA and FCRB programs and the condition of child welfare advocacy in Iowa.


Friends of Iowa CASA and ICFCRB promotes and supports volunteer advocacy

for children who experience abuse and neglect, while raising public awareness of the importance of permanent homes for all children.


To provide the best outcomes for abused and neglected children - every child and every time.

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