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Advocates Circle

In Iowa, it  costs an average of $1,800 a  year for one child to have a CASA volunteer; for one child to be reviewed by a foster care review  board for one  year, it is $850.  While Friends is making important strides towards serving every at-risk  child in Iowa,  we still have work to do.

Giving Levels

Your leadership gift today will help recruit, train, and support more CASA and FCRB volunteers in Iowa who provide the best outcomes for our state's most vulnerable children. You may make a one-time donation or make a monthly gift (NOTE: please enter your amount in the custom field and set it to a monthly recurrence).

Ally: $850 (or $70 monthly)

Champion: $1,800 (or $150 monthly)

Guardian: $2,650 (or $220 monthly)

Visionary: $3,000 (or  $250 monthly)

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