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Help Iowa Children


According to Iowa's State Data Center, there were about 6,830 children ages 0-17 in a paid foster care placement in Iowa in 2022. This does not include all children who were adjudicated in need of assistance.

Millions of dollars are spent on Iowa's foster care system every year, not counting shelters, social workers, adoptions, family counseling, and other related services. Yet, we still have a crisis in Iowa when it comes to helping displaced children in foster care receive adequate advocacy, oversight and protection.

Last completed fiscal year, the CASA and FCRB programs saved the state $1.4 million!

Ways to Help:


Friends of Iowa CASA & ICFCRB Receives $6,000 Grant from Variety - the Children's Charity in 2022

Grant to be used for gas cards to assist CASA volunteers visiting at-risk children in Iowa

Thousands of Children Need Families

There is a significant shortage of foster families in Iowa, with 35% more children requiring placement than there are available homes

What Can Happen When Kids Age Out of Foster Care

Two teens aged out of New Mexico’s child welfare system last year. This photo essay shows how different their lives have become.

A foster parent reflects on loving — and letting go of — the children in his care

In his new memoir, Safe: A Memoir of Fatherhood, Foster Care, and the Risks We Take for Family, Mark Daley writes about the foster care system at large, as well as the joy and pain he and his spouse experienced as foster parents.

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